Steve Z:
I never really got a chance to fully express my appreciation to the world for you helping me this year.

When I came to meet you last June with my USMC son, Kit, it was over 2 years since I even took a walk for exercise. Kit knew that I was both unmotivated and out of shape after two surgeries, an 8 month viral illness and the diagnosis of diabetes 2.

You listened and you understood. It didn't matter that I was a long way from the elite athletes who train at CrossFitKOP every day. We started CrossFit slowly -- first 2 sessions a week, then 3 and now 4. The improvement in my health and the daily activities of life make me appreciate the little things I missed these last 2+ years. You see it too.

This is supposed to be a testimonial, so I want to share a whole list of the qualities you bring to all your training : planning every workout; educating us with new skills and a new vocabulary in every session; patience as those skills begin to acquire "muscle memory"; boundess enthusiasm; encouragement at the right physical moment; and the focus and discipline to help us all achieve our "Personal Best".

I have a long way to go and there is no doubt that you will get me there. Thank you. Steve

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